Brick Paver Sealing

Paver Sealing

Often, cleaning the pavers is not enough. You need to seal them to make sure they look pristine for the longest possible time. Not only you will make the pavers look new and clean but also extend its life span considerably. Sealing the pavers can protect the surface of the stones from stains, scratches, and water damage. Plus, a sealer can create an aesthetic appeal on the stones as sealers can offer various finishes such as flat finish, matte, low gloss, high gloss, and low sheen.

Preparing the Pavers for Sealing

Take note that paver sealing must not be done anytime you wish to do the project. Superior Pressure Cleaning knows that proper preparation in sealing the pavers is very important. Basically, sealing must be done once the efflorescence or the white chalky material has already disappeared. This can take three months from the installation of the pavers. The efflorescence must be kept out of the pavers and if you seal the stones before they have naturally disappeared, you risk sealing the substance in.

When it is already time to seal the pavers, it is a must to clean the area from dirt, stones, weeds, and the like. At Superior Pressure Cleaning, we use a power washer to effectively clean the pavers prior to sealing. If there are stains, we spot treat them. There is no point sealing the pavers and keeping the stains inside. The stains will just ruin the effect you are trying to achieve for the pavers.

Sealing the Pavers

Once the pavers are clean, it is now time to start sealing them. Here is a quick guide on DIY paver sealing if you want to do it on your own. But we suggest that an experienced person should do the task for you.

  • In any case that your paver has been sealed before, you must first remove it. You can sand the surface off for a clean start. However, this is not always necessary.
  • Choose a good paver sealer. Take note that not all sealers will work for your specific paving material such as concrete, stones or bricks. Hence, check the labels to see whether or not the sealer is compatible with your pavers.
  • Get a paint brush or rolling pin for the application of the sealer. A rolling pin is always a better option for faster application.
  • Brush the sealer onto the pavers. Start with light strokes to help you apply the seal evenly.
  • Leave the area to dry for two or more hours. You can repeat applying the sealer if you think another coating is necessary.

Pavers sealing is not an easy job. Hiring professionals to help you with the sealing job is always the best option. If you are in Port Saint Lucie, a paver maintenance company that you can trust is Superior Pressure Cleaning.

We have the right knowledge when it comes to sealing so you can be certain that we can effectively preserve your pavers. Plus, our company use good quality sealers that are appropriate for the paving materials installed in your driveways or patios. Call us now for an appointment.


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